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So I am at the hair salon getting my hair done by this new lady I have never been to. I told her my problem with split ends and how I have been growing my hair for two years.

If you don’t know already, my hair used to be down my back but my ends would split so often so I kept having to get it trimmed and that’s how it got so short. But I have no problem with short hair anymore I just wanna be long again because that’s how it was originally plus I can do more when it is long. And my short hair is getting boring lol.

So she said that in order to reduce split ends and to grow my hair faster, I need to shampoo and condition once a week (which I wasn’t doing because school lol). She recommended Redken products because they leave no tangles so it’s very easy to comb out afterwards. She says that I need to condition my hair all the way down to the ends.

So yeah that’s the routine I’m going to try to follow from now on and in college and I hope I stick with it so I can show u how it comes out. :)

Also if your situation is similar to mine, u should try this routine as well.


Crystal Westbrooks 😍

Anonymous asked: Hey, I'm from Peru and my hair is a little complicated, I could show you picture but i think i better wait for your answer, i would like to know if you know products for my hair to look less rebel :/


What is your hair type? Go to: organicbaddies dot com / ask, and read the message above the message box. there are two links for you to find your hair type. When you find out, let me know and I will help you. :) Also let me see those pictures so I can see what exactly you are having trouble with hair-wise :). 


Randi <3

Anonymous asked: I have 3b hair and I have no idea how to control it. Any advice?

Hi anon,

What products are you currently using? What have you tried? I can come up with a routine for you to follow but it may involve buying a few cheap products from a local beauty supply, or you can buy them for cheaper online. my hair is 3b/3c so i am able to relate very well. try this and let me know how things go.

co wash hair with Aura Cherry Almond Bark conditioner.

while conditioner is rinsed out and hair is completely damp, apply one of these products to tame and intensify the curls:

Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream (costs a pretty penny, but gives the curls amazing definition. however, this is a cream as opposed to a butter, so it will shrink your hair more aka tighten the curls more to where your hair appears shorter)

any shea butter or cocoa butter product (this will not shrink the hair but it will define your curls, but not as much as the above product. i recommend this because it is more organic and great for your hair.)

VERY IMPORTANT—> **before you go to bed each night**: put your hair in a pineapple (sounds complicated but it is verrrrrrrrry easy. there are several videos on youtube) this will give you amazing 2nd-day hair results. and it is a good practice to prevent breakage and damage to your hair.

Hope I could help :)

This is my hair

Progress pic